Day 3: Starting to Climb

Today’s Ride.   I never thought I would say 50 miles and 2440 feet of climbing would feel like a rest day, but I think we are all worried about tomorrow — 73 miles and 8590 feet of climbing.   That means more climbing tomorrow than the last three days combined.   Oooiiii.

Like a lot of big challenges, it’s often best to focus on staying in the routine.   Get the body fed, get stretched out, get enough rest.  Eat an extra burrito.   The Mexican food here is first rate; must use lard.

Rode with Karl and Ole today.   Karl’s story keeps getting more impressive — he’s already had one hip replacement, has stainless steel pins in one ankle, and is due for a knee replacement.   And I still can’t keep up with him on the tough hills.   Damn.

Sacramento was a sad city.   It is spectacularly beautiful — built on a river just before the mountains, crisp weather, state capital.   And there are homeless people everywhere.   They come out from living near the river at night; our hotel was so unsafe the organizers wouldn’t park the trailer on the premises.   Felt like a zombie movie.    I’m sure the guys in the hotel room next to me were dealing (oooh that smell…); in the morning a guy was rummaging through garbage cans on the 2nd floor of the hotel.   It felt a bit unsafe.   This is America.

After leaving we went for 30 miles on a spectacular bike path that wound up the Sacramento River and culminated at the Folsom Dam.   I thought I had pictures of wild turkeys to share with you, but I must have pushed the wrong buttons.   Saw at least 10, including one Tom that must have weighed 50 pounds.   People were out jogging, walking their dogs, biking.   Did not see a single “personal mobility device”.   This is America.

Kathy recommended I started doing Yelp reviews as part of my “getting digital” initiative.   I had a great experience at Ken’s Bike shop in Davis and am going to post an online review (I think my second; I did one on Amazon years back).

The image.  We were riding along a lake next to a spectacular set of cliffs; three times we had to walk over/around landslides.   Not so easy in Speedplays.

Playlist update.    Listened to both of Steve Reynolds’ recommendations and decided the California Love by Tupac Shakur would be the Day 2 song.   I liked the refrain on Check Yo Self, but there was just a bit too much of the N-word and F-word.   For today, I just felt The Eagles felt right.   Yes, I’m stuck in the 70’s

Day -3:  Going to California.   Led Zeppelin

Day -2:  California.   Joni Mitchell

Day -1:   Lights.   Journey

Day 0:   Bicycle Race.   Queen

Day 1:   He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother .   The Hollies

Day 2:  California Love.   Tupac Shakur

Day 3:   Take it Easy.   The Eagles

Weather.   Perfect.   No breeze.   About 78 degrees Fahrenheit / 26 degrees Celsius.




6 thoughts on “Day 3: Starting to Climb

  1. WOULDN’T PARK THE TRAILER ON THE PREMISES. The word is both singular and plural.

    Premise can be the basis for an argument. Few people know this.


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  2. Favorite quote: “Must use lard.” And the most poignant and thought-provoking: “There are homeless people everywhere.” It’s a huge, huge problem in California and at the forefront of our minds after the recent elections. We have to help these people!

    So glad you’re immersed in beauty. Remember it when you’re crossing Nevada : )


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