Day 33-34: Across the Mississippi and too tired to blog

The last four days have been really difficult; our average mileage is now closer to 100 miles a day (today was 107); for three days the heat was close to unbearable; today it was cooler but we were slammed by headwinds.   I’m not supposed to winge; after all, I decided to do this.   But as someone said today — I’m enjoying the trip, but today stopped being fun.

How often do we sign up for something really important and tough, and enjoy every minute of the journey?   I suspect not too often.   If this were a 7 day bike trip I might get lucky and have perfect weather, but on a 52 day trip it is inevitable there are going to be tough days.   It is part of the experience, part of the challenge.   Pro golfers sometimes don’t make the cut; pro soccer/football players sometimes miss a crucial penalty kick.

I travelled today with the “big group” — by the last 20 miles half of us (including me) were starting to get disoriented by exhaustion.   About 8 miles before the end we stopped at a Subway, had sandwiches and cold drinks, regrouped, and finished the day.

Ride Summary Day 33 (Kirksville MO to Quincy IL).   90.4 miles, 3219 feet of climbing.   Started with rain, then hot, then a very sudden and heavy thunderstorm.   We sought shelter in a coffee shop just as I discovered a flat.   Tube was defective, so had to change it twice.

Ride summary Day 34 (Quincy IL to Springfield IL).   106 miles, 2380 feet of climbing.   Nice temperatures, ubt a steady and increasing headwind meant we only did 12-13 mph moving (normal now is 16-18).  9.5 hours in the saddle.

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